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10/5/2013, 11:47 AM


Tablet Problem

Whirlwind of problems the past few weeks, I have run into a much bigger issue that has stopped everything.
After a year and four months, my Intuos 5's usb port has ceased functioning.

I am unsure on the status and limitations of the warranty for now, I can only hope that it can be serviced.
However I can't call Wacom until Monday to find this out, and if I manage to get a repair I'll probably be waiting upwards of 1-2 months until I see my tablet return in working condition.

Not sure what I can do in the meantime. I could try to get a replacement, but I really can't afford it right now. All I can work on is scripts, sketching future pages on paper, traditional sketch commissions, and speech bubbles. No inking/toning/colouring can be done until I have a replacement.

So the comic will sadly be on hold until this issue can be solved, but I promise to prepare a backlog of sketched pages so that once I resume inking/toning I can finish multiple pages a week.In the event my tablet is a dead unrepairable parrot, I will dip into my emergency savings and try to replace it with a fresh one. (Original total was $418.)

I'm not gonna ask for donations, but if you would like a $10-$20 pencil sketch commission then please contact me at